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Grid Connected Inverter, Leonics GTP-series is eligible for Bonus FiT rates in Malaysia.
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  Remote island electrification, Hybrid energy system, Hybrid power system, Hybrid system
PV-Wind Turbine-Diesel Generator Hybrid System for Remote Island Electrification in the Republic of Maldives
Locations: Uligam Island, Raimandhoo Island and Kondey Island, Republic of Maldives.

System Specifics: Each of these three hybrid energy systems have been designed and installed to generate electricity using PV modules, wind turbines and diesel generators for remote island electrification at three locations in the Republic of Maldives. The systems were installed by Daily Life Renewable Energy (DLRE) Pte. Ltd. The largest system consist of: multiple 2.64 kWp PV modules; one Grid Connected Inverter (LEONICS' APOLLO G-304); 24 Skystream 3.7 Wind Turbines, each of which has a generating capacity of 1.8 kW for a total of 43.2 kW; one 48 kW Diesel Generator; one 96 kWh Battery; and one 45 kW three-phase Bidirectional Hybrid Inverter (LEONICS APOLLO MTP-415F). Each system had also been outfitted with a Dynamic Energy Balance (DEB) Unit as well as a Hybrid System Control Command Unit (HCCU) to facilitate Telemonitoring for remote power monitoring and control via www.leonics-moc.com. LEONICS will also be parting with DLRE to develop hybrid mini-grid systems for more than 100 islands in the Republic of Maldives in the near future.
Telemonitoring, Remote power monitoring Telemonitoring

Leonics' unique telemonitoring service is the customized remote power Monitoring and Operation Center (MOC) showing real-time and historical performance of the system such as solar PV system, solar island hybrid power system, solar farm, solar water heating system, etc., that only authorized customers can access any time at any places via website with worry-free confidence.

Leonics Company Overview
LEONICS Company Limited has grown from a Thai-based UPS manufacturer to become a leading global player and solution provider in the sustainable, renewable energy market. We specialize in the design and supply of energy conservation products, including renewable energy and energy saving products as well as energy conservation systems that address the needs of household, commercial and government clients. LEONICS service offerings include the design, installation and management of remote power monitoring for energy conservation systems, including both stand-alone and grid-tied solar energy systems, hybrid power systems and energy saving systems.

Smart Choices for Energy Conservation
Grid Tie Inverter, Grid Connected Inverter, Solar Inverter, Solar Grid Tie Inverter, On-grid Inverter
» Grid Tie Inverter
Grid connected inverter or grid tie inverter uses for grid connected application that does not require battery backup system. It suits to use for small residential solar system to large commercial solar system.
Hybrid Inverter, Hybrid Power Inverter, Solar Inverter, Stand-alone Inverter, Off-grid Inverter
» Hybrid Inverter
Hybrid inverter or hybrid power inverter is designed for hybrid power system. It can operate as either a stand-alone inverter or a grid tie inverter. It suits to use for remote village electrification or remote island electrification to provide continuous reliable power at remote locations.
Solar Island Hybrid Power System, Hybrid Solar System, Hybrid Power System, Hybrid Energy System, Remote Island Electrification, Remote Village Electrification, Off-grid Power System
» Solar Island Hybrid Power System
Solar Island Hybrid Power System or Hybrid Solar System is an Off-grid power systemthat combines PV systems with diesel generators and/or other renewable energy systems, (e.g. wind turbines, biogas units, small-scale hydropower, etc.) to supply continuous electric power. Hybrid power systems provide reliable electricity from renewable energy sources to supplement engine driven generators for remote island electrification or remote village electrification in off-grid areas.
Solar Farm, Solar Grid Connected System, Solar Grid Tie System, PV Power Farm, Roof top PV System, Grid Connected Power System
» Solar Farm
Solar Farm also known as PV power farm, Building-Integrated Photovoltaics (BIPV) and Roof top PV system are typically employed to facilitate large-scale centralized PV grid-connected systems capable of producing electricity from the sun and then selling that electricity back to the utility grid. Such initiatives typically benefit from government subsidies and related renewable energy policies.
Solar Thermal System, Solar Water Heating System, Solar Water Heating, Solar Thermal Collectors
» Solar Thermal Systems
Solar Thermal System or Solar Water Heating System is one of most cost-effective renewable energy systems. Solar thermal systems are designed to collect or absorb solar energy for heating water used in residential, commercial and industrial applications for reducing the amount of electricity, gas or fuel required to heat water.
Renewable Energy System, Solar Power System, PV Power System, Solar PV System, Hybrid Solar System, Hybrid Power System, Hybrid Energy System, Solar Grid Tie System, Solar Farm, PV Power Plant, Solar Power Plant
» Customized Renewable Energy Systems
Customized Renewable Energy Systems will be designed and installed by Leonics staffs. We integrate renewable energy into system design to meet customers requirements and help customer to reduce fuel or electricity consumption.



  Leonics participated in the Electric, Power & Renewable Energy Malaysia 2015 (EPRE 2015)


  Leonics inverter have been officially approved by SEDA (Sustainable Energy Development Authority Malaysia)


  Leonics participated Solar Power Investment (Solar Farm Solar Roof) Seminar&Exhibition


  Leonics is now one of HOMER prefer partner program


  Leonics sponsors KMUUT Team in Solar Decathlon Europe 2014 competition


  Seminar on "Solar PV Rooftop in Thailand" The Big Change for all and Sustainability Energy

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