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Overseas Reference Sites

Leonics products and services not only widely use in Thailand but also expand into foreign countries. Please click on a point on map to show a country name or click a button at the bottom to show a list of country name.



  Leonics participated in the Electric, Power & Renewable Energy Malaysia 2015 (EPRE 2015)


  Leonics inverter have been officially approved by SEDA (Sustainable Energy Development Authority Malaysia)


  Leonics participated Solar Power Investment (Solar Farm Solar Roof) Seminar&Exhibition


  Leonics is now one of HOMER prefer partner program


  Leonics sponsors KMUUT Team in Solar Decathlon Europe 2014 competition


  Seminar on "Solar PV Rooftop in Thailand" The Big Change for all and Sustainability Energy

Customized RNE system
» PV-Wind Turbine Hybrid System for Telco BTS (Base Transceiver Station)
» 50 kW PV-Wind Turbine-Diesel Generator Hybrid Minigrid System

200 kWp PV – Diesel Generator Hybrid Minigrid System