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The largest grid connected inverter in ASEAN, installed and applied at 2.2 MWp Solar Power Plant, Lopburi

Leonics has over 15 years experience in research, development and manufacture the inverter and today we have readiness for manufacturing the largest grid connected inverter in ASEAN with power rating 1,000 kW. Leonics has been entrusted by Bangkok Solar Power Company Limited to install grid connected central inverter with container at new solar power plant, the 7th solar power plant in Thailand with 2.208 MWp production capacity. Leonics APOLLO GTC-series inverter has been designed in container-based structure and integrated with the measuring and recording the system operating data, including sensors and CCTV camera to detect the abnormality within container, it can be installed for outdoor use, which no need to build the power house and can support the extracting maximum power from PV panels manufactured by Bangkok Solar Power Company Limited.
The 2.2 MWp solar power plant at Lopburi has installed 2 units of 1,000 kW grid connected central inverter with container (Leonics APOLLO GTC-series), which can measure and record the power data, ambient temperature and install sensors for detecting door opening and closing, smoke, inside container and outside ambient temperature and CCTV camera, which connected to telemonitoring, the remote power monitoring and control, to report real-time system operation data and status, notify warning after faults occur and display event log and data log for system administrator or owner for tracking and analyzing the system operation and efficiency any time at any place via www.leonics-moc.com.
The solar power plant at Lopburi has already been interconnected the grid network of Provincial Electricity Authority from May 25, 2010.