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Practical seminars on the rooftop solar power system

Rooftop solar power system seminar
On Saturday, 7 September 2013, Leonics organized Practical Seminars on Rooftop Solar Power System at Leonics Co., Ltd., Chachoengsao. The seminar aimed to convey knowledge about the rooftop solar power system and the topics for the seminar were the followings:
  1. The 2nd Practical Seminar on "How to correctly and safely install the rooftop solar power system according to IEC standards": to convey knowledge on IEC standards involved solar power system and to prepare for new routes in the growth of the rooftop solar power systems of Thailand.
  2. The 1st Practical Seminar on "Understanding before installation the rooftop solar power system": to provide the accurate information on the rooftop solar power system for interested parties to take into consideration to invest in installation the rooftop solar power systems.
By this time, Dr. Wuthipong Suponthana, expert in solar power system, IEC TC82, WG3, WG6 and TTC1016 of Thailand, was the guest speaker who conveyed the 2 topics of the seminar. More than 60 solar power system distributors, installers and interested people who take into consideration to install the rooftop solar system for residential, business buildings and factories attended the seminar with the enthusiastic response and were briefed the full and useful information for practical application.