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Solar Grid Tie Interactive System - the Solar Grid Tie Power Generation System with Backup Power System

Leonics has developed Solar Grid Tie Interactive System to respond to the power demand of users in areas located in the utility grid - the excess power can be sold back to the utility grid - that need backup power system to operate when blackout occurs resulting from the unstable power from the utility grid.

This system consists of Leonics APOLLO MTP-620 (Three-phase Bi-directional Dual Mode Inverter for Mini-Grid System) combined with Solar Charger or Wind Turbine Charger. In normal condition, APOLLO MTP-620 operates in charger mode to charge power output from PV arrays to the battery and the excess power can be sold back to the utility grid. When blackout occurs, APOLLO MTP-620 operates in inverter mode to convert backup power from the battery and to supply to connected loads (appliances) until returning to the normal condition. The Solar Grid Tie Interactive System has been installed in India with a total of 215 kW in capacity.