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Hybrid Solar Systems for 4 rural schools at Borneo Island

Hybrid Solar System for Rural School is one of Leonics' projects in ASEAN, which emphasizes the role of Leonics - the leading solution provider of energy conservation and renewable energy. Main Malaysian energy provider - Tenaga Nasional Berhad (TNB) entrusts Leonics to design and install Hybrid Solar System for Rural School and 4 rural schools under the Ministry of Education Malaysia are S.K. TARAWAS, S.K. PINAWANTAI, S.K. TOGOP and S.K. MALINSAU, where locate on Borneo Island, Ranau District, Sabah State, Malaysia.

The 4 installed systems for rural schools have been designed to consist of 19.8 kWp PV Array, 40 kW Diesel Generator, 360 kWh Battery, 30 kWp Leonics APOLLO MTP-414E (Three-phase Bidirectional Dual Mode Inverter), 3 units of Leonics SOLARCON SCM-24070 (Solar Charge Controller with MPPT) and System Monitoring Unit for recording the generated electrical energy and other data in real time. These recorded data help the user to analyze the system operation and can be transmitted to the Leonics Monitoring and Operation Control Center in Bangkok, Thailand to monitor and control the system operation. Leonics Hybrid Solar System for Rural School suits for remote applications such as rural villages, forests and islands. The significance of the system is to help save diesel fuel that is to say reducing the use of diesel fuel in generator by combining the green energy with the system to balance the system operation and maximize the system efficiency.