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The Largest Eco Resort Solar Hybrid Power System in Western Australia

Leonics has been entrusted by Regen Power Co., Ltd. to use Leonics grid connected inverter, hybrid power inverter and hybrid control system in 2 kW Roof top PV-Grid Connected-Diesel Generator Hybrid Power System for 24 Eco Villas which has been installed at Eco Beach Resort, Broome, the renowned pearling and tourist town in the Kimberley region of Western Australia. Eco Beach Wilderness Retreat Resort is unique eco resort which realizes an importance of nature and environment preserving and aims to make a difference by self generating clean solar power.

The system consists of 120 kW three-phase bidirectional dual mode hybrid inverter, linked to the 2 kW of PV-grid connected power system on the roof of 24 Eco Villas. Any excess generated power from each villa is fed back to batteries for storage in order to extend the battery backup time and reduce the diesel consumption for generating power at night. The four diesel generators are also linked to the system to generate electricity if necessary. The system also operates with the Hybrid System Control Command Unit (HCCU) and System Monitoring Unit (SMU) for remote power monitoring and control, which can display real-time and event log data for tracking and analyzing the system operation and efficiency any time at any place via www.leonics-moc.com.