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Solar Farms, also known as PV power farms, building-integrated photovoltaics (BIPV) and Roof top PV systems are typically employed to facilitate large-scale centralized PV grid-connected systems capable of producing electricity from the sun and then selling that electricity back to the utility grid. Such initiatives typically benefit from government subsidies and related renewable energy policies. Solar farms are usually installed on the ground due to their larger generating capacity, which can reach into the hundreds of megawatts. BIPV systems share similar advantages to PV systems and are built as a part a building's rooftop, whereas PV power systems are installed directly on a roof area as a separate unit. A 2,500 square meter roof, for example, could theoretically generate 200 kWp (based on c-Si PV) and produce a minimum of 250,000 kWh/year

Solar farm, PV power farm, Roof top PV system
  Here are our customized solar farm that have been applied in several countries.
  » 7 Sites of PV Power Farm in Thailand are the large scale solar grid tie systems that can produce mega watt of electricity and can be sold to the utility grid. These PV power farm are installed in large scale areas at Chachoegsao, Udonthani, Angthong, Lopburi, Petchaburi and Nakornsawan provinces in Thailand.

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