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Solar Grid Tie Systems, or Grid Connected Systems, are connected to utility grids and feed power back into the grid. These systems consist of PV panels that are connected to the grid via a tie inverter. The power produced by the PV system can either supply electrical loads to local areas or be fed back into the grid when the PV system's output is greater than the load demand. When the PV system's output is less than the load demand (e.g. at night), energy is consumed by the local client from the utility grid. Solar grid tie system vary in size from residential to solar power stations.

Solar grid tie system, Grid connected system




Production capacity


Solar Grid Tie System; size 2500 Wp

2770 kWh per year


Solar Grid Tie System; size 2800 Wp

2990 kWh per year


Solar Grid Tie System; size 3800 Wp

4860 kWh per year


Solar Grid Tie System; size 4600 Wp

4880 kWh per year


Solar Grid Tie System; size 4800 Wp

4990 kWh per year

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