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Home > Energy Saving Products > Energy Efficient Light > LED Obstruction Lamp


LED obstruction lamp, Obstruction Light
LED Obstruction Lamp
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OBL-series LED obstruction lamp is designed to use ultra-bright LED lamps which use less electrical power and long life time MTBF more than 100,000 hours. These OB lamps are available in DC input and AC input type that can be installed in and around airports or attached to any high-rise structures (e.g. buildings and telecommunication towers). The OBL-series LED obstruction lamp complied with ICAO standard and recommend practice design Type A and B*.

* International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) Standard and Recommend Practices: Aerodromes Annex 14-Volume 1, 3rd Edition, July 1999, Chapter 6.
  Low energy consumption less than 5 Watts
  90% reduction in power consumption vs. incandescent
  Long life time MTBF more than 100,000 hours
  Transient suppression to IEEE C62.41-1991 CAT.C1: 6 kV/3 kA (for DC lamp only)
  Polycarbonate dome with lens (ASTM: UV stabilized)
  Clear globe with Freshnel Lens is made of UV resistant acrylic and radiation luminous intensity
  Die-cast aluminium housing with yellow polyester powder coated
  Protection class typical IP65
  OBL-220A and OBL-230A can be set to self flash by user


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