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Amorphous silicon PV module - Solarmax

Solarmax a-Si

Amorphous Silicon PV Module

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Solarmax's amorphous silicon (a-Si) PV modules have greater actually generated watt-power compared to crystalline silicon PV modules and have higher power generation capability under high temperature during summer that make a real difference in actual generated watt-power. To attest the outstanding reliability, Solarmax's amorphous silicon PV modules provide the stable power output over long periods. The EPT (Energy Pay-back Time) of Solarmax's PV module is shorter than that of crystalline silicon PV module. For the quality, these PV modules comply with the requirements of IEC 61646, Thin-film terrestrial photovoltaic (PV) modules - Design qualification and type approval. This type of Solarmax's PV module suits for rural electrification, solar home system, grid connected system, solar water pump system, cathodic protection or other signal applications.


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