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Solar charge controller - Solarcon SCB, Solar charge controller with MPPT


MPPT Solar Charge Controller

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SOLARCON SCB-series is high efficiency MPPT solar charge controller. It is designed to operate wide input voltage buck regulator for using with solar PV system which has PV input voltage greater than battery voltage. With the efficiency microprocessor, it has capability to do precise Maximum Power Point Tracking (MPPT) and charge battery with temperature compensation for longest battery life. The SOLARCON SCB-series also has energy log which can record produced energy for 180 days and RS-232 data communication port for additional data acquisition and record. The solar charge controller is suitable for any solar power system and telecom system.
Buck regulator with wide input range
High efficiency
Output battery voltage: 24 Vdc, 48 Vdc, 120 Vdc and 240 Vdc
Maximum charging current:  40 A, 80 A and 120 A (for model SCB-24XXX)
 60 A and 120 A (for model SCB-48XXX(L))
 30 A, 60 A and 90 A (for model SCB-120XXX)
 105 A, 140 A, 210 A and 420 A (for model SCB-240XXX/RM)
Maximum Power Point Tracking (MPPT) included
3-stages battery charging to provide quick and safe charging for battery
Automatic cooling fan (outside enclosure)
Battery reverse polarity alarm
Reverse PV polarity protection and alarm (option)
PV ground fault detection/protection (option)
Wall mount and rack mount 5U and 6U cabinet
Comprehensive LED indication and LCD display


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